Make More Sales. Reduce Regulatory Risk of Complaints and Arbitrations. SwitchSafe Provides The Product Data You Need to do Both.

SwitchSafe automates the customer sales and disclosure process by providing......custom disclosure forms, and a battle tested, best in class transaction documentation system. SwitchSafe is available on your smartphone, tablet, and computer and incorporates digital signature technology. Always have the product data you need at your fingertips.

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It is no longer acceptable to make just a suitable recommendation to your clients.

SwitchSafe is the only software of its kind, bringing a full database of accurate product data, digital copies of all prospectuses, and the technology to auto-populate your switch and replacement forms to ensure accuracy.

Why SwitchSafe?

A leading Insurance Company was recently fined $25MM, which SwitchSafe could have prevented. FINRA notes that 72% of the forms that were evaluated had at least one error on them!

Accuracy of Forms

FINRA's heightened focus on transparency, specifically Replacement Forms and Switch Forms.

Online database

Helps advisors, BDs, and OSJ offices to complete switch forms accurately and quickly. Auto populates the forms, and exports as PDF.

Prospectuses in PDF

Automatically makes a copy of both the old and new prospectus available to the clients at point of sale.

Assists Broker Dealers

Complies with DOL rules while also handling the "Process of Supervision". FINRA referenced "Process of Supervision" recently."

It has never been better time to SwitchSafe

With SwitchSafe you can be assured of accurate information on your product replacement forms and become more tranparent to the clients, while saving time for you and your staff.

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Easy from the start

The software auto-populates your product comparison information and makes a digital copy of the prospectus available for both the product being replaced and the product being purchased.


You now have proof that the client had an accurate summary of all fees and expenses of both products.

Checks and balances

Clients are required to open the prospectus of both products before the Switch Forms could be generated to print.

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